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Location Based Service Enabled Solutions


Innominds offers solutions for Location based Services for 3G and 4G Networks. The solution is available as a carrier grade platform that integrates with the Networks Infrastructure.
The main features of the solution are

  • Integration with AAA Server (Radius and Diameter Protocol Interfaces)
  • Points Of Interest integration with third party services and databases
  • Support for Base Station based, U-TDOA and AGPS modules and integration.
  • API layer for developers to integrate location into solutions
  • API Key platform for developer registration and provisioning. Portal includes audit and granular permissions for throttling and privileged usage access.
  • Multi-tiered deployment for higher security and access control.
  • Value added Services  - Location based applications

The solution offers different options for carriers to integrate the location based services. The different modes that are supported are

  • Location based on Base Station  (Least Accuracy)
  • U-TDOA
  • A-GPS (SUPL Based Integration)
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